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Clubhotel Skilt Sustainability


The Clubhotel Skilt has been awarded the Travelife Bronze award

This represents that our hotel has policies in place which actively reduce our environmental impacts and that we treat people in a fair and respectful way

The Skilt Hotel is proud to use the Travelife Sustainability system to improve its sustainability practice. This is a rigorous and internationally recognised system that allows hotels to improve their operation and also helps educate hotel staff.

As part of the pre-season staff training in December, employees are taught the principles in sustainability and how to implement these ideas in their hotels.

This includes:

Energy Efficiency

The Skilt records it’s energy use and the data is submitted to the Carbon Disclosers Project.

Heating oil, water, gas and electricity consumption are not only recorded, but investments have been made to improve energy efficiency. Not by making the hotel colder, but looking at ways to improve insulation and better seals on the windows. Considerate investment has been spent on our hotels over the last 18 months improving the insulation among other improvements.

Water use is monitored and flow restrictors are installed onto taps to aerate flow and reduce water consumption. Most of the toilets are fitted with dual flush to maximise efficiency.

Energy saving light bulbs have been introduced phasing out the old traditional light bulbs as they expire.

Staff encourage each other and guests to turn lights off when leaving their rooms.

Skilt hotel staff have a knowledge of where their electricity is sourced.  

The hotel displays posters encouraging good practise, for example turning lights off and closing windows when leaving your room to minimise heat loss.


Without comprising cleanliness we research which cleaning chemicals are easier on the environment and use these whenever possible.

Hotel uses the resort recycling facility and sorts its own solid waste accordingly.

When buying in bulk, we take into consideration the packaging. For example at breakfast we do not provide mini cereal boxes as a way to reduce packaging. Cereals are bought in bulk and served in large ceramic pots.

Staff know how and where hotel sewage is treated as well as solid waste that is not recyclable.   

The hotels provide a code of conduct for clients that includes a reminder to respect the sensitivity of the mountain environment, by encouraging keeping the slopes clean of litter.

Society and Economy

The Skibound Company as a whole supports a UK charity called Katie’s Ski Tracks. If you would like to contribute to the charity, look out for our collection boxes at reception and ask the staff to find out more about it.

We are currently in the process of selecting a local project to support. If you would like to suggest a project, please do contact us and let us know your recommendation. 

Our Management team live in the Alps 12 months a year and are very much part of the local community. It is an on- going process, but every 6 weeks, the management team meet with head office and discusses sustainability. One of our goals is to develop a method to actively assist with local environmental and social needs.

There is an appointed a member of staff at the hotel who is responsible for sustainability in the hotel and can answer client questions on sustainability.

Where possible the Skilt hotel will buy and provide local food and drinks in its restaurant and bar. We tell our clients of our local gastro partnerships in our food and drinks menu.

We display our local partnerships to our guests, proudly presenting local suppliers (excursions) through posters and flyers that are found at the reception area.