Extra Ski Instructors

Like with learning at school, students work at varying abilities and needs. The same can be said for students hitting the slopes, whether it is there first or fourth time skiing. It may be necessary to request additional instructors for your group especially if you have snowboarders or advanced skiers. Our close ties within our resorts means we have been able to agree competitive rates for pre-booked instructors.

We highly recommend booking these in advance and the additional cost can then be added to your invoice allowing you to split the cost across the entire group. With varying abilities and some students spending a few years away from the slops we understand it can be difficult to be certain of each and every student’s skiing level. By looking to extra instructors, you immediately increase the chances of your students fitting into a group that meets their level and skiing needs.

For more imformation on extra ski instructors, or to book this 'add-on', please call 01273 244570

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