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Meet the SkiBound team

Although SkiBound has been operating for over 30 years, it is the experience of our staff that sets us apart from the rest. The majority of our management team have been involved in the school skiing industry for many years bringing together a wealth of experience and knowledge of what Party Leaders expect and desire. This understanding of what makes a successful school ski tour has supported us to build exceptional relationships with Party Leaders, resort staff and suppliers. Our extensive experience enables us to work in partnership with you to provide the perfect ski trip that you and your students deserve.

We know how important it is to take the time to plan every aspect of your trip in great detail. With the rush of school life some Party Leaders prefer to communicate via email while others find the easiest way to get across their requirements for their school ski trip is to meet face to face. From our SkiBound headquarters in Brighton, we have a blend of office-based Regional Account Managers and on-the-road (OTR) representatives. Covering the UK from Land’s End to John O’Groats and everywhere in between, our SkiBound team are on-hand to assist you throughout the whole process. Whether you want to discuss your tour requirements or tap into their extensive ski school knowledge, the team are waiting to assist. Please find their direct contact details listed below.

Alex Wells

Alex Wells | Regional Account Manager

About Me
Having spent 4 years working in hotels geared towards the school market I have a good understanding of Party Leaders expectations. I am passionate about young people developing through activities outside the classroom and am a firm believer in travel broadening the mind.

Regions: Derbyshire; Essex; Hertfordshire; Northamptonshire; Nottinghamshire; Shropshire; Warwickshire; West Midlands; Worcestershire.

Contact Me
Phone: 01273 244 505 / Email: [email protected]

Alistair Feest

Meet Alistair from the SkiBound team

Alistair Feest | Regional Account Manager

About Me
I’ve been working in Education for over 5 years, collaborating with groups to bring their experiences to life. I love providing trips that create life lessons, treasured memories and joy for students. I’ve been skiing for 10 years and enjoy hearing positive feedback from students after their ski trips.

Regions: Channel Islands; Cheshire; Greater Manchester; Hampshire; Lancashire; Isle of Wight; Norfolk; Surrey

Contact Me
Phone: 01273 244 515 / Email: [email protected]

Bob Colbourne

Bob Colbourne | Regional Account Manager

About Me
I have worked for Skibound for more than 20 years in a variety of roles. I have a good understanding of party leaders expectations & enjoy hearing the positive experiences that our ski trips provide to thousands of students every season.

Regions: Berkshire; Bristol/South Gloucestershire; Cleveland; Cornwall; County Durham; Cumbria; Devon; Dorset; Ireland; Isle of Man; Leicestershire; Merseyside; Northumberland; Staffordshire; Tyne and Wear; Wiltshire.

Contact Me
Phone: 01273 244 508 / Email: [email protected]

Denise Scott

Denise Scott | Regional Account Manager

About Me
Since starting within the school ski industry in 1975 I have seen smaller resorts in France and Austria blossom into skiing hotspots. While tight perms may have faded out (for now), my extensive experience in meeting the requirements of Party leaders in providing the right accommodation and resort certainly remains.

Regions: Bedfordshire; Buckinghamshire; Cambridgeshire; Lincolnshire; London; Middlesex; Suffolk

Contact Me
Phone: 01273 265286 / Email: [email protected]

Jackie Broadfoot

Jackie Broadfoot | Regional Account Manager (OTR)

About Me
With 25 years of working in the ski business under my belt I have been lucky enough to visit most major resorts with Europe and the USA. I enjoy being able to use my extensive knowledge of our ski resorts to provide students with a memorable ski experience.

Regions: Scotland

Contact Me
Phone: 07872 502 334 / Email: [email protected]

Ollie Foulger

Oli Foulger SkiBound

Ollie Foulger | Regional Account Manager

About Me
I have worked in school sales for the past 3 years and having started skiing when I was 7 and so developed a passion for it. I have spent a number of weeks in our club hotels, as well as weeks in both france, Italy and North America overseeing SkiBound groups, and have therefore seen first hand just how enjoyable our trips are!

Regions: Gloucestershire (not South); Herefordshire; Oxfordshire; Somerset; Yorkshire and Wales

Contact Me
Phone: 01273 244542 / Email: [email protected]

Rachel Griffin

Rachel Griffin | Regional Account Manager (OTR)

About Me
After completing 3 ski seasons in France I decided to explore more resorts throughout Europe and North America. My passion for skiing and using my wide knowledge of SkiBound’s resorts has led me to the school travel industry where I have the opportunity to help shape your students’ ski experience.

Regions: East Sussex; Kent; West Sussex

Contact Me
Phone: 07872 502332 / Email: [email protected]

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