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Providing a reliable and trustworthy service, we have structured our booking system to make organising your next SkiBound school ski trip a simpler and more efficient process. This includes minimising as much as possible the administration required by you and instead allowing for more time to be spent on promoting your ski tour to your students.

We’re here to make your experience of running a school ski as stress-free as possible with help and advice every step of the way. From advising you on the ideal resort for your students and tailoring your après-ski activities to meet your requirements, to providing you with a detailed ski tour quote and promotional tools to help get your ski trip approved, all that is left for you to think about is the excitement leading up to your departure date. Follow these five easy steps to booking and you’ll soon be on your way to leading your school’s next memorable ski trip.

Five easy steps to booking

Step 1 – Consider budget and research your desired destination

Are you looking for premier skiing in some of France’s top ski resorts, seeking the snow-sure valleys of Austria, hunting for the quintessential Italian mountain resort or is it time your school ventured to North America? Explore our website and browse our range of carefully chosen destinations designed with school groups in mind. Looking for some extra guidance, call our knowledgeable team of ski advisors on 01273 244 570 to discuss resorts and accommodation options to suit your group's needs.

Step 2 - Request a quote

Request a quote via our website or by contacting the friendly SkiBound team on 01273 244 570. Within two days of your request being received, you will be sent a detailed quote for your ski trip which you can use to get sign-off from your school’s senior management team.

Step 3 - Make your booking provisional

Having discussed your quote with your senior management team, you can place a provisional booking with us that will be held for two weeks. You are under no obligation to confirm, but this time can be used to promote your trip to the students, parents and guardians, with the help of our promotional material available upon request.

Step 4 - Collecting deposits for your ski trip

As spaces start to fill for your ski trip, you can start collecting first deposits from those already registered with you. Students who wish to be a part of the upcoming ski experience will be able to do so by committing to this first instalment.

Step 5 - Confirming your SkiBound booking

Read and complete the SkiBound booking form to send us along with the first deposits to confirm your school’s booking with us. To help speed up the booking process, we will request a list of your students’ full names as detailed on passports. You will be allocated a dedicated Tour Co-ordinator who holds specialist knowledge and advice of your chosen ski destination.

Counting down to your departure

Having confirmed your booking with first deposits, your Tour Co-ordinator will support you through the next steps of your ski booking with us.

Step 1 - Confirmation pack

After booking, you will be sent a confirmation pack containing useful information including insurance policy (where applicable) and a link to our terms and conditions.

Step 2 – Passport and useful documents

As Party Leader, you need to ensure all students obtain correct passport and visa documents (if applicable) for the chosen ski destination. For ski trips to one of our European destinations, you should advise students to obtain The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) cards.

Step 3 - Second & third deposits

Second deposits should be sent to us within four weeks of sending the first deposits and third deposits less than eight weeks of sending the initial deposit.

Step 4 - Final confirmation forms

We ask that you send us a list of all names for those joining the ski trip sixteen weeks before departure (if not already given), along with final forms and itinerary requests.

Step 5 - Final balance

The final balance is due fourteen weeks before departure.

Step 6 - Final ski tour pack

Around three weeks prior to departure, you’ll receive your final ski tour package, containing all details required and tickets.

Step 7 - Have a fantastic ski trip

If you have any questions we are just on the other end of the phone. When travelling with SkiBound, you have direct access to the 24-hour emergency team on 01273 244 252

Step 8 – Welcome home

We’ll be in contact with you to hear how your ski trip went. We love to hear stories from the ski trip and consider your feedback highly valuable in helping us to continue to improve upon our service. The SkiBound team will also be on-hand to discuss your requirements for your next school ski trip with us!

Should you have any questions about how we can help you plan your next school ski tour, please contact us on 01273 244 570.

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