Promoting your trip

With competition for school and school ski trips becoming increasingly tighter for many educational establishments, there are a number of channels Party Leaders can use to raise awareness and highlight the value of a SkiBound ski tour. These include a choice of bespoke SkiBound promotional materials to help secure support from students, parents and senior leadership team.

We look to make the booking process as smooth as possible, but before you are on your way, there are a number of steps to tick off the list at school. You need to ensure you have the right number of students signed up for the ski trip to make it viable and remain committed with the support of parents and guardians. Once this is in place, Party Leaders can look to their school’s senior leadership team to provide final sign-off on the ski trip.

Providing you with the promotional tools you need to launch your ski trip, engage your students and show others the value of your ski trip, our team are on hand to send you a range of posters, PowerPoint presentations and sample letters upon request. This means you can spend less time on paperwork and more time building up the excitement for your SkiBound ski tour.

Presentations to inspire

Our bespoke PowerPoint presentations are a great tool to use in order to clearly display everything your audience needs to know about the upcoming school ski trip. Whether you are presenting to your students, parents and guardians or school staff, our presentations can be tailored to get your message across and generate interest.

What do our SkiBound PowerPoint presentations achieve?

  • Inspires and encourages students to join the trip
  • Provides parents with an insight into a SkiBound school tour
  • Outlines what the ski resort can offer your school
  • Highlights examples of our accommodation options
  • Includes information on après-ski activities
  • Gives the audience a background to SkiBound and our commitment to your financial and personal safety.

Informative posters

We can provide your school with SkiBound posters to promote your next school ski trip. Place these around your learning environment to raise awareness of the ski trip and boost the number of students signing up to the ski trip. Please contact your Regional Account Manager to discuss your request for promotional posters.

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