The Hahnenkamm at Kitzbühel

25 Jan, 2017 in Austria by Tim Jenkins

The Hahnenkamm at Kitzbühel 2017 had its finale at the weekend with the new downhill winner appearing a familiar face. Possibly ironic due to his name, beating the dominating French duo of Giraud-Moine and Clarey, Dominik Paris claimed his second win at the Hahnenkamm.

Standing as one of the toughest courses in the world, not even perfect conditions could help the competitors. With Giraud-Moine .21 and Clarey .33 behind course, the Italian showed great technical ability through the course.  Overcoming youth and experience, Dominik Paris held strong on the Hausberg section; a self-proclaimed definitive point in his triumph on the day.

1. Dominik Paris | Italy | 1:55.01

2. Valentin Giraud-Moine | France | 1:55.22

3. Johan Clarey | France | 1:55.34

We’ll be keeping our eyes glued to the upcoming events in the FIS World Cup, but to find out more about the resort of Kitzbühel simply click here >

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