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Plan a ski trip of a lifetime in North America

4 Oct, 2018 in by Tim Jenkins

Skibound brings you a range of North American resorts that will provide your students with a ski trip of a... View Article

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Quebec City

Culture, nature, sport and history with a Canadian stopover

11 Sep, 2018 in by Tim Jenkins

Canada is known for its breathtaking ski views, but a ski trip across the pond also means an exciting opportunity to... View Article

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Skiing in April

Here’s why it’s worth skiing in April in Europe!

16 May, 2018 in by Tim Jenkins

When it comes to hitting the European slopes, the late season is often overlooked, but heading away for an Easter... View Article

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Learning to ski in France

Top 3 French Ski Resorts For Beginners

14 Mar, 2018 in by Tim Jenkins

Whether you’re leading a class of first-time skiers on their first school ski trip or looking for a destination for... View Article

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Student in ski clothes

Ultimate school ski trip packing list

31 Jan, 2018 by Tim Jenkins

Packing is always a challenge, wherever you’re heading, but escaping for a week on the slopes requires some essential extra... View Article

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