Plan a ski trip of a lifetime in North America

4 Oct, 2018 in North America by Tim Jenkins

Skibound brings you a range of North American resorts that will provide your students with a ski trip of a lifetime!

Resorts focused on hospitality and fun, perfect for school groups

North America has a stellar reputation for exemplary customer service and it’s no different in the ski resorts. Many bases have everything a school group could need on site including ski rental, restaurants, souvenir shops, cinemas, shopping malls, ice rinks, indoor water parks, indoor climbing centres, festivals and more. If you decide to travel to Quebec, you can even enjoy your time in resort with a French flair which provides a unique setting for your ski trip. If there’s one thing that can be guaranteed in North America it’s that students will never get bored! With a wide range of original après-ski options including snowshoeing, tubing, basketball, sleigh rides, dog sledding, ice climbing, to name a few, both adults and children will relish their time off the slopes. 

Solid snow records & breathtaking landscapes 

A good reason to fly across the pond is to discover the beautiful North American landscapes. The amount of terrain in the USA can vary quite dramatically from mega-resorts in the Rockies to hillside faces, there are options to suit every group. The terrain available in America is well suited to all levels, with many beginner runs residing off the top lifts so even the most inexperienced skiers can get right to the summit. Most resorts offer tree-lined glades alongside modern infrastructure - many US resorts boast super fast lifts that minimise queuing time. 

The spectacular sceneries of Canadian Rockies will not disappoint. With alpine lakes, national parks, diverse wildlife and glaciers to explore, students will fall in love with this stunning area. They might be lucky enough to spot a bighorn sheep, a mountain goat, a wapiti or even a majestic caribou! 

Add to all of that that stunning views, often over vast lakes, enviable snow conditions and impressive snow records, North America is truly an epic ski destination.

City breaks a few hours away

North American ski trips offer a great opportunity to visit some of the most vibrant cities on the continent. Your city stopover allows students to discover new cultures, do some exciting sightseeing and visit historical landmarks. Head to one of the resorts on the East Coast of USA for a trip to Boston or the one and only New York City. Skiing on the West Coast? Book a stopover to Los Angeles or San Francisco and make the most of the American warm hospitality. Head to Colorado to discover something different and visit Denver.  Canadian cities have a lot to offer. Head west for the chance to visit cosmopolitan Vancouver or Calgary. Groups visiting resorts in the east to enjoy the charming French influences in Québec City or Montréal, or the buzzing capital of Toronto. 

Great skiing conditions in Easter

A combination of various factors mean Easter skiing is now a great option. February half term can be a tall order to get to America and back and then straight back to school on Monday! With a longer break available at Easter, groups enjoy a more leisurely trip with recovery days afterwards, so everyone is fresh for the new term. Not to mention the sunnier days, longer ski hours, better temperatures and emptier slopes; talk about making the most of your ski pass...   North America has a solid record for snowfall during the Easter period which means plenty of snow to play with and still amazing skiing conditions for both beginners and more advanced skiers to enjoy.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts for more information on our North American resorts.