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Important Information

Our Accommodation

All the accommodation (sometimes described for example as hotels, apartments, chalets, hostels, youth centres and pensions) featured in our brochure is chosen as representing fair value in its particular category. We would suggest that you compare carefully each type of resort and accommodation with the cost of the holiday, before making your final choice. 

Optional facilities

Many hotels may make a charge for the use of optional facilities (e.g. swimming pool, sauna, solarium, etc.). Towels and soap are not necessarily provided in all of our accommodation and party leaders are asked to remind members of their group to bring their own supply. 


Rooms mostly accommodate 3-4 pupils, although some hotels reserve the right to use larger rooms containing more beds where necessary. Where apartment accommodation is featured, we will arrange accommodation for your party so that you take up the total number of beds in each apartment. And where there is any overflow, we will make the most sensible arrangements for the apartment to be shared with another group, or charge under-occupancy supplements at our discretion.

Bunk beds are also sometimes used. Many French and North American hotels have double beds, which are traditionally used for parties of school children. Austrian twins are used in a range of our Austrian accommodation. Accompanying adults are allocated twin or triple rooms as applicable. Single rooms are not generally available in any of our contracted accommodation, but if available, a “single room” supplement (price on request) is payable for single-person occupancy of a room, which may, however, contain more than one bed.

Twin rooms for accompanying adults above the free place ratio are also subject to availability and supplements. Where accompanying staff cannot be accommodated in twin or three-bedded rooms due to the rooming specifications of the group and/or hotel, we reserve the right to arrange for the staff members to share a twin or other size room with a party leader(s) of the same sex from another group. 


In accordance with International Hotel Regulations, your room will usually be available only after mid-day on arrival and you will usually need to vacate your room by 10.00 hours on the last day. 


Our hotels provide three meals per day, which usually include continental breakfast, lunch and dinner, unless otherwise specified in the brochure or on your itinerary. In some hotels, as the standard arrangement, a packed lunch is provided in place of a hot lunch in the hotel.

In some centres, run usually by non-profit making organisations on a social tourism basis, guests are expected to help with the running of the establishment. Conditions vary but usually include keeping one’s room clean and tidy, self-service in the dining room and returning trays to a central point after meals. The ‘help’ required is minimal but needs to be clearly understood. 

Allocating hotels

In resorts where we feature more than one hotel, chalet or apartment, we ask you to note that our allocation for a specific group is not made until final numbers are received. If you have any accommodation preference, please indicate this on the booking form and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

From time to time, it should be noted that we will use additional accommodation not named in our brochure. In such cases, accommodation will be of an equivalent standard as that advertised, and will, of course, be inspected and approved by our senior members of staff.

Our Brochure

Great care has been taken in the printing and production of our brochure(s) to give you an accurate picture of the facilities available. If any change, which the Company believes will materially affect your enjoyment, becomes apparent in any of our resort descriptions, we will advise each party leader or travel agent.

There are naturally circumstances beyond our control, such as religious festivals, local holidays, periods of maintenance, (e.g. ski lifts) and adverse weather conditions for which we cannot accept responsibility. The facilities are shown in good faith and it must be appreciated that some facilities, including by way of example and not limitation the operation of ski lifts in a resort, may be restricted particularly at the beginning and end of the season. Such restriction is generally reflected in the selling price of the holiday.

Please remember that some amenities such as hotel lifts and swimming pools require servicing and cleaning and may therefore not be available at all times. Some services are also affected by weather conditions, for example, outdoor swimming pools and chair lifts, and their availability is at the sole discretion of the service provider.

Entertainment (particularly live entertainment) provided by hotels is frequently subject to demand and its nature and frequency may vary if there is a lack of demand or insufficient numbers in the hotel. Please also be aware that equipment such as video players and microphones on coaches is, due to its technical nature, prone to malfunction. The Company cannot be held responsible nor consider a claim for compensation in the event of such amenities or equipment being unavailable.

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